The short answer is No, the webapp is free to use. Registeration is only required to gain access to the upload function and download the entire database. We include this extra step to guarantee the validity of uploaded data, prevent spam and collect statistics.
After filling the registration form, the admins need to check your information and assign you a role as a user. We try to approve new users as soon as possible. If it has been more than 2 weeks since registering, please send us an email to check with us.

About JINAbase

JINAbase is a compilation of the properties of metal-poor stars from the literature. Check our paper for details on what is included in JINAbase. The primary goal of JINAbase is to provide chemical abundance data as obtained from the various studies in the literature in one place for easy access. Accordingly, there naturally are limitations as to what JINAbase can provide, as there are multiple intermediate measurements and steps individual to every study that lead to these abundances.
Unfortunately, JINAbase cannot offer a homogenized data set, but is simply a collection of literature results. Nevertheless, repeat analyses of many stars will allow, to some extent, a quantification of differences between various studies, and the field as a whole. Overall, it follows in spirit what was presented in (Frebel 2010), and is similar to the SAGA database (Suda et al. 2008).